Aims & Objectives

The main objectives of the Trust are:

To publish any books, magazines, articles, pamplets on subjects  like culture, literature, scientific and academic matters to promote the social values.

To promote, cultivate, setup, run and maintain educational institutions and other establishments for relief and help to poor and needy.

To grant scholarships, stipends or any other allowances for educational and other purposes to members of the family or other persons at the discretion of the Trustees.

To encourage, assist and set up literary, cultural, social or other organisations and to fund the same from time to time.  To promote the actual value of money by avoiding the greed of wealth, love for material things, and passion for luxury life.

To increase the level of financial literacy in a society full of sins by redefining the financial knowledge of young adults.

To value more the simple life conditions by promoting the little things, minimalism and modesty.